Story Skeins Read ALong: Hook to Heal

So as the title suggests I am taking part in Story Skeins read along of Hook to Heal! by Kathryn Vercillo.

Now everybody who is taking part in this are doing it for their own reasons, I personally need something to center my mind. I’ve been having a chaotic time recently and my body is suffering under the stress of it all.

I’m going to use this as a chance to let it all go and relax. My biggest need is to learn how to channel the stress in a healthy way.

Now the read along starts on the 2nd of May and will run for 12 weeks. I’m not ambitious enough to think I’ll do all the exercises within the book but I am going to dedicate a couple of hours of ‘Me’ time a week to read the pages and do a couple of the exercises.

So in preparation I’ve got myself a new WIP bag from my local yarn shop, Sitting Knitting, a new project note book, some fine liners in an assortment of colours and sharpies and of course the book. Now I got it on my kindle as it will be quite portable for me, I do love a good paper book but my ever expanding collection is not getting a look in as i like to read in bed, usually with a small person beside me. Not ideal for late night reading 🙂

I’m excited about starting this with a lovely group of crocheters whether they are beginners or masters, it doesn’t matter because we are all taking this solo voyage together.

If you think that this might be something you would like to be part of then check out Story Skeins page,

In other news, I am currently busy spinning the minis for Story Skeins rolag club whilst also attempting to finish myself some socks for myself. In the next month I fully intend on spinning myself a lovely stash of yarn to use for various projects including more socks. I may have a little knitted sock addiction but this is ok by the winter i will have fitted me and the three squiglettes out with many woolly socks!!

IMG_20160425_191101061_HDR (1)


All For One!!!

The Beginning

So I started to spin a few years back now. I plodded along with YouTube as my best friend spinning on a basic wooden drop spindle. All the pretty fibre came from the USA, it seemed and I had no other spinning connections.

This was a sad fact for me, as I have a strong love of hand dyed yarn. I love the effort WAHM’s put  into their products, I love the way they can take an idea and run with it and make something that far passes all expectations.

So last May I asked for a spinning wheel for my birthday, which is exactly what I got. A little Kiwi 2, called Betsy. I bought it from wingham wools and got a gift voucher for fibre. So I was off, spinning away on my beautiful wheel.

It was at this point I started to meet new people who also spun, through the online crochet community. I met the lovely Diana from Story Skeins, she is awesome. She is very much an inspiration to me, she is little to no drama and has no problem with sharing her knowledge with you. Not only does she spin but she makes the most awesome rolags. Then there is Cara from Excelsior yarns, she was one of first hand dyers who’s fibre I tried and loved. Again she is awesome with fibre. I received the most sparkly rolags from her. I love sparkle.

These 2 lovelies are lucky, in that they live fairly close to each other so get to have regular meet ups. I was however lucky enough to meet up with these lovelies and 2 more friends, at fibre east. It was great to actually met the ladies in person and have a cup of tea and a good natter. We then shared tips on where to find the best stuff. rolagFB_20160118_11_28_35_Saved_Picturecaras rolagsrolags spun

It was from this point that the spinning trickle, turned to a bit of a roar. There are lots of fibre dyers now, in fact most hand dyers will try their hands at dyeing fibre, and the Facebook, UK based spinning pages are coming fast.

Still these communities are filled with some of  the most brilliant, supportive ladies I’ve ever met.

I stay very much in contact with Diana, even being the guest spinner in her monthly rolag boxes every so often. Its such a privilege to be able to refer to her as a friend and to even work side by side such a talent.

I do think that in this day and age with the world of diversity, that finding a place where you can just be you and geek out about fibre arts  is in every sense of the word a privilege but to also be able to connect with people who enjoy the same pursuits as you and hold no animosity towards others is just great.

Its funny because sometimes the real world doesn’t quite get me, I’m 28, I spin, crochet and knit.I adore all crafts and really engage in these activities with my children. Even my family sometimes fail to understand my passion for the fibre arts but I know that in a little corner of Facebook world there’s a group of ladies just like me, who will help me learn from their mistakes and welcome in lost spinners such as myself.


The Week Of WIPS!!!!

So this week I, like all crafters, have many things on the go. I love being able to chose a project for every mood I’m in.

So to the people not fluent in the lingo, all these part finished projects are known as WIPS (Works In Progress). These are the items that crafters couldn’t possibly have finished as this other project caught their eye and we just cant wait to start it! Now every year my resolution is to not have more than 1 WIP at a time, not this year, this year I vow to cast on as many project as I fancy. Well the other way wasn’t working for me so I decided to try a new approach.

I currently have 3 pairs of socks on the needles, all of which either need a whole partner or actually just need the toe adding to finish them up!

I’ve also got my story skeins rolag club shawl on a set of circulars too, this is in need of an epic name. basically I saw this scarf that I liked the idea of but the pattern was in Russian. after google translate, I really didn’t fancy casting on 288 stitches and working with 25 stitch markers ( not that I don’t have 25 stitch markers at least, I’d just prefer not to use them all at once). Plus I wanted the steps to be more defined. So came about his shawl. It takes the best part of the other pattern plus some maths plus some imagination plus a whole heap of guess work but at the moment its working. I am actually getting the desired effect. This is something to be proud of course.

Now on to the small (huge) matter of the rolags from which I am making this scarf. they come in a gorgeous box, 6 rolags, a 40m mini skien of hand spun, tea bags and stitch markers and various other extras. the box is delightful to receive and each month it celebrates a forgotten holiday, this month it was the turn of Plough Monday. This traditionally being celebrated on the first Monday after the 12th day of Christmas.Tthe rolags were  made up so they could be spun into a gorgeous gradient yarn going from sparkly white, through grey to blue with the mini skein bringing up the rear in midnight. To say its stunning is an understatement. I was so excited to spin it, hat it was done and ready in the hour after receiving the box.

I am also hooking up a gorgeous lace weight shawl as a pattern tester. Now I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to do this kind of thing. its almost like designer has entrusted their baby with you to do the best you possibly can. boy is this pattern a treat for the eyes. all will be revealed in due course.

Of course I have spinning on the go too but this top secret till next month, I assure you its worth the wait though 🙂

Well I shall leave you to what I am sure will be a very crafty week, enjoy and remember do the things you like. If you find your not loving what your working on that’s ok just move on. There’s plenty more projects to explore and patterns just waiting to be scouted out. why not give that craft you’ve always fancied a go, you never know it might be the best thing you’ve ever done.


12 in 12

Well first of Happy New Year to everyone.

Second, this year I have decided to complete 12 pairs of socks, one a month. I’ve so far found 6 skeins of sock yarn, I will acquire the rest over the year.

I also want to spin enough dk yarn to make some boot socks for winter but this will be done during the summer I think.

This month I won’t be starting a new pair but rather making the partner to the 4 lonely socks. I’m not sure I can be accused of cheating as I will have to make 4 socks instead of 2!

I am also currently spinning up a storm that will be a lovely surprise which will be revealed in February sometime. It’s all very exciting.

This year will see lots of fun spinning and other fibre works.

Now to take down the tree……



Welcoming in 2016

So this new year that’s heading our way needs to be used to inspire and motivate us.

2016 shall be a good year for my household. Why? Because I said so.

So let’s hang up 2015 and move on with our fresh new year.

This year will see this blog become more active. Which means more spinning and fibre crafts. I aim to write atleast 1 blog post a week.  Sharing with you my adventures in all things fibre and crafts, I hope to inspire you to pick up that forgotten craft you’ve maybe always wanted to try but never got around to it.

In short 2016 will be the year to try, experiment and explore!FB_IMG_1451465830133